Velvet Stylus

Want Velvet Stylus to Back You?
Want Velvet Stylus to Back You?
With advance notice, Velvet Stylus is available, as a group or by individual, to perform for your live show or recording. For gigs we take, we learn your songs (in a live band arrangement) and work with you in rehearsal. Usually we back people for no more than 5 songs, but arrangements for more can be made if the show is far off.

Velvet Stylus does not provide microphones for rehearsals. Please bring your own mic and cable to all rehearsals.

Terms and rates vary case by case. To learn more please fill out the following inquiry form. We look forward to performing with you!

Who has Velvet Stylus backed in the past?

Our ability to back you depends greatly on availability. We do try, but we cannot accommodate every request.

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This form is not a performance agreement. By checking this box, I am aware that Velvet Stylus is not available for all events or recordings. I acknowledge that case-dependent, fees may be charged for their services, depending on circumstances. I understand that Velvet Stylus does not charge in every case. Notice of fees will be negotiated and will not be charged to me without formal arrangements. For all instances where Velvet Stylus receives compensation, the band will provide a proper rates proposal, invoice, and receipt for my records.