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"I am still in awe. I was totally NOT expecting that!"... "The band was KILLIN' it!"... "On those Hip-Hop joints, we didn't see that there was a band at first - we thought it was the record! Dang! Wow!"... "Velvet Stylus is real talk."... "Darcie as in 'Ask Darcie'? That's her singing? What!?"... "Hands down. Velvet Stylus."

Just for the Record...
"...I've heard a LOT of bands in my time. But they're not as tight as you. Wow." - Heidi Marika-Perez
"...If you are a fan of smooth, sexy, satisfying soul music, than Velvet Stylus has the music for you. Sometimes a song just couldn't be more perfect for the moment and it makes you feel invincible. It's an amazing feeling; I only wish I could hold onto that feeling a little longer..." - Simply Phillip Brown, Real Talk with Simply Brown
"Freakin AMAZIN'. There was smoke coming off your head you were so smokin'! Tell that Darcie Wicknick we love her voice!" - Angie

"DL added intelligent lyricism to the dynamic live sound of Velvet Stylus..." Marty Caballero, (Home page) 6/20/06 

"...The evening's rap highlights came from Roxbury's DL, who was joined by the live band Velvet Stylus for his single 'Contagious,' and from revolutionary holistic hip-hoppers Foundation Movement...." Chris Faraone, The Boston Herald 6/19/06
"Darcie adds the hotness!"- CrazyNice, Model
"That was Darcie from the Boston Hip-Hop Alliance singin' the hook for DL? If so  GREAT JOB!! - You need to be singing full time!" D.I.Z. Entertainment
"DL nice performance .... I didn't know that was Darcie pipin' like that! - Kiki Breevlife 
"To DL and Velvet Stylus: As a trumpet player I love that live band s**t and "Contagious is such a hot track...Big ups to DL,Darcie, and Velvet Stylus AfroDZak
"Woooow.. She's like the Mary J. Blige of Somerville!" DJ On and On, 97.1FM
"Since DL and Darcie killed the song "Contagious" at the Middle East last week, that's been one of my words. Hun, honestly that was crazy... everybody was asking who you were, and I was like THAT's A GOOD FRIEND OF MINE! and DL too... I'm feeling the way D played on the crowd, also the diversity and creativity of his music and stage performace is something cats to take notes from. I Salute you both and good ish to the band as well..." - Danejaruss Material

"...Whoever missed DL's set last night missed the Self Made/Commonwealth socrates at his best...he opened up with "Headlinez" feat yours truly and Lord Linz...we literally RAN from our parking spot. through the doors and onto the stage just as the song began!!! I luv this job. The highlight of the performance had to be "Contagious" performed w/ the live band, and the Middle East fukn EXPLODED when the band dropped... and DL spit 48 bars of fury through the heavy guitar riffs...classic shit!!!" - Tek.MP from Cekret Society

"That was definitely my highlight of the night.Too bad more people didn't see it... One thing that I need to add is how dope Darcie was doing the hook to Contagious. I had heard she sings...but i didn't know the extent of it..." - Jaytee

"DL's set = fiiiiiiire!!!! Darcie gave us goosebumps with that divine voice. S**t's contagious!" - Crazy Nice

"Boston MVP award goes to DL. Beastmode son!!!. He had me totally confused and what he was doing and he came out and KILLED IT!! For those who missed it, I'm sorry." - Edu Leedz, Leedz Edutainment
MENTION (not by name) in the Boston Herald 
Hub's hip-hop favorites mix it up at Middle East 
By Chris Faraone Saturday, November 5, 2005 

"Even before headliners Devin the Dude and Royce da 5'9 entered the building, hip-hop fans got their money's worth Thursday at the Middle East. The show was a historic showdown in Hub hip-hop, with sharp local artists welcoming visiting A-list rappers. ... Opening act DL brought a live band to back his rhymes. Keyboard, drum and bass trio backing is new for the Roxbury MC, but the crowd caught on when his single "Contagious" struck the same chord it does on record..."
"I personally wanna thank you for sticking with it and making my first promoted event a success not only for me but for the Hip-Hop/music community. I am proud of y'all and the turnout was sick for days. Critical Breakdown Unplugged was huge no doubt I THANK YOU." - Metaphorick
"Greetings Velvet Stylus! 
I just wanted to drop the group a little note, expressing how much I was digging your material. It is quite refreshing to hear music with some real instrumentation. I was personally drawn to "Won't Be The Fool." I am looking forward to the first official album. Keep up the good work!" - Ryan J. Fleming, Assistant Editor
"What a great show!! Thanks to... Velvet Stylus and Homeland Security Orchestra" - DeepTones   
"I'm just stoppin' by to show some MySpace lovin'. And listening to your great tunes. You have some really kick ass jams here..." - VickStix (MySpace)
"Awesome beats. Good luck with everything" - Burn Chesca Burn  
"Velvet Stylus is just what the doctor ordered...a live soul band with a feel good vibe. Their groove is smooth and their style of music makes me wanna move".- Fee, One Love
"It was a blast to be down in the city and get to hear some good music. ...I'm already in the planning stages of bringing more people. They need to hear you guys. Again, thank you for a great night. Take care and God bless" Chip
"You guys sounded terrific! Keep me posted with other performances. Take care." - Brian Paul, Composer
"James & Sister Liquid Soul (Darcie) from the V-Styles have agreed 2 assist this clambake....I call this spawning bands....La Gringa calls this particular constellation of players 'Stella & the Isolators'. as far as I'm concerned, James is exactly what the Outpost needs,& Liquid Soul speaks 4 herself ..... I LOVE her voice, & esp' how she sounds w/ La Gringa." - Weatheroutpost 12
"Feeling what your doing.....real talent." - 2b3 Productions, United Kingdom

"Velvet Stylus is one of the best bands in Boston!" - Lauren Flaherty, EME Productions

"Darcie, thanks you guys were amazing; first set, and then the Hip-Hop thing for us. That was real classic." - Lyrical, MC, Co-Founder of The Mass Industry Committee, Founder of Invasion Entertainment, and Educator

"THE VIBE THAT I GOT LAST NITE WAS CRAZY... THE LIVE ACOUSTICS BROUGHT THE PERFORMANCE TO ANOTHER LEVEL"- J-Hunt, Smokehouse Productions; producer for Triple Threat. Quoted from about our set with Triple Threat


Dear Velvet Stylus,

I saw you guys at the Middle East basement 3 days ago with Choklate, Zach Bruce and Medusa, and me and my little bro fell deeply in love with you guys and gals :) It's great to a hear a band who really can play funk and hip-hop and r&b and soul--you are true asset to the music industry and one of the best bands, in my humble opinion, in and around the Boston area. I hope i do get the chance to see ya'll live again!

Anyway, just wanted to wish you much luck and continued success in your musical career(s)!

Peace, much love, and many blessings,


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Thanks for all the support so far! See you at our next show! Much love!